20 best flutter app templates 2021

Hi there! Here you can find the newest and up-to-date collection of flutter applications. In this selection, I have hand-picked the 20 best flutter app templates of 2021, both UI elements for your future application and fully ready for release and production templates. About each application, I wrote a small chunk with a review of the most interesting features in my opinion, as well as for those who are too lazy to read the descriptions I made a list of the most interesting properties. I combine the newest and freshest templates of ready-made services that are fully ready to launch, and new UI kits with handy animations using modern frameworks like Rive animations and flutter Sliver animations.

1. Airmart — flutter e-commerce template

Best UI/UX flutter mobile app template for e-commerce, with animations, business flow, and clean code. It is ready for connecting to any architecture and back end. This Flutter template using Rive animations and pure UI.

  • Clean code with extracted flutter widgets
  • Rive animations
  • Used List View builder for all lists
  • Ready to back end integrations
  • Clearly & Smart UI/UX
  • Ready Navigation and Business logic
  • Fully Customizable template (colors, fonts, borders, sizes, paddings, margins etc.) from the place.

View Airmart

2. AChat Material Flutter Firebase Messenger.

Fresh, fast, multifunctional messenger designed on defaulted UI elements of material design, with a firebase as backend. The template has more than 30 state screens, registration from firebase, uploading images to firebase storage, and the possibility of full customization. Encryption of messages, sending photos from the camera, deleting messages. As well as full validation of the fields of data entry and registration. Documented code inside, detailed instructions for use. Many small nice fittings that a modern chat messenger should have. Made a brief overview of the features, and collected them into a list:

  • Clearly & Smart UI
  • Firebase Backend
  • Full validation of all registration and authentication fields
  • Built-in message encryption
  • Sending images and photos from the camera to the chat room
  • Built-in internationalization and translation into world languages
  • RTL support
  • Manually Change Color scheme (fully changeable template in on place just change variables)
  • Changing profile data
  • Deletion of messages and read message indicator
  • Fast live search by users and chat rooms

View AChat

3. Multipurpose Flutter Template based on Material Design.

Let’s look at the UI kits. The Multipurpose flutter material UI kit contains a huge number of elements that are compiled in semiconductor blocks. For example, for E-commerce the logic is ready, the elements are assembled into screens. You can implement your own state management and backend. There are also ready-made screens for articles, places, dishes, etc. But if this is not enough, then each element that is visible on the screen is highlighted in a separate widget (class) which can build your own screen to your own taste and functionality. Features:

  • Material Design guidelines
  • Big elements library
  • Clean codebase
  • Ready screens and Scenario for a few common categories like e-commerce
  • Fully customizable screens
  • Multi-purpose flutter template

View Multipurpose

4. Flutter Landing Page

What do you think about flutter web site templates? Ha-Ha answer below: Landing Page Portfolio Website using Flutter can be used for portfolio your agency website, it is responsive to any device mobile and website screen can save your time to code all Front end layout. Just try it! — Clean code comments in all code — Responsive Layout — Support Mobile Screen — Awesome Animation

View Landing Page

5. Foodie — Flutter Food Delivery UI Kit.

Flutter Food delivery UI kit template, fully developed food delivery application logic, and fresh interface prepared for backend. Navigation, animation, and several different visual templates in one. Briefly note that of the bonuses:

  • Smooth Animation
  • 5 different templates in 1 item
  • Dark ModeMore than 70 screens
  • Ready screen logic
  • Rich UI

View Foodie

6. Event Country — Event management flutter template with firebase backend.

Pure UI and handy event manager, with ready backend as firebase. Smooth animation is implemented as well as adaptation for all major devices. Of the pleasant implemented onboarding screens. Loading animation while the screens are loaded. Note the main advantages:

  • Clearly Design UI
  • Firebase Backend
  • Loading animation
  • Smoothing animation
  • Check internet connection in-app

View Event Country

7. Crypto Wallet UI Kit Template Flutter.

A specific UI kit on the subject of the crypto wallet. Developed UI for cryptographic operations. Finished application logic, dark and light mode, animation. Fitch shortlist:

  • Awesome transition and Animation
  • Many crypto templates
  • Smooth waiting data
  • Onboarding Screens
  • Smart logic

View Crypto Wallet

8. Flutter Hotel and Tour Template Flutter.

A high-quality travel template. The UI contains the necessary screens for each travel app. Seat card, hotel card, booking, selection of payment method, search, selection of places. There is an entire frontend for the application. A short walk through the main points:

  • Clearly Design
  • Payments Screens
  • Place card
  • Hotel Card
  • Google maps support

View Flutter Hotel

9. Treva Shop — Flutter E-Commerce UI KIT Template.

In one of my previous articles, I was looking at this flutter theme, and I want to pay attention to this article’s best flutter app templates 2020 again. It has been updated with new functionality. It has improved performance and usability. Added multi-language, chat rooms, and reviews. A large list of frontend components. You only need to implement your backend and e-commerce application can be launched. Shortlist of fitch:

  • Multilanguage support
  • Reviews Screens
  • Improved Performance
  • Improved Usability
  • Added Chats with customer

View TrevaShop

10. Flutter Taxi App Driver Ui Kit.

This is a classic UI kit for taxi driver applications. Built-in google API direction service and google maps make this template useful and almost ready to use. Simple design, usable frontend functions, and much more.

  • Google API direction
  • Calculate distance, cost, time of the route
  • Draw the shortest path between 2 points on the map

View Taxi App

11. Shoppers — Flutter E-Commerce App using Firebase, Stripe, Razorpay and Flutter

Basic e-commerce template with back-end and payments like a stripe.

Multiple language support Dynamic theme (dark & light) Auth with firebase Role management

View Shoppers

12. Flutter Recipe cookbook with backend

Recipe Cookbook with firebase backend — is a Flutter template with videos and recipe support with a powerful admin panel. Recipe using Flutter With Backend can be used for recipe management application in android and ios devices, It’s easy to set up and gets started. This will save 1000+ hours of your development time for creating UI, frontend, and backend.

– Clean code comments in all code — Support Multiple Language — Cleanly Design — Using the Animation Controller — Responsive Design to any all device screen — Easy to Custom layout

View Recipe Cookbook

13. Flutter Grocery — Bigrocery in Flutter grocery app

Bigrocery UI Kit Grocery can be used to make create applications faster to save your time, for user interface kit in android and ios devices, It contains have more than 70 Screens with a different type of UI. — Clean code comments in all code — Buy 1 template get 5 templates — Cleanly Design — High-quality material design — Responsive Design to any all device screen

View Grocery

14. Fluxstore Pro — Flutter E-commerce Full App for Magento, Opencart, and Woocommerce

The FluxStore is one of the first flutter templates on the market, but it doesn’t make it any less valuable because the authors are working on improving it. Ready e-commerce template with connection to the most popular Cms systems such as OpenCart, WooCommerce, and Shopify. There are all the basic functions necessary for a modern online store. Shortlist of fitch:

  • Push notification
  • Support Smart Chat
  • Checkout process
  • Ready ordering process
  • A few category layouts

View FluxStore

15. MaterialX Flutter — Flutter Material Design UI Components.

Material Design UI kit template, a collection of screens and components assembled on a flutter by the material design guide. Almost all elements required for basic applications are collapsed. There are popups, sliders, tab bars, and so on. A shortlist of features:

  • Pickers (Date, Time, Color)
  • Progress & Activity
  • SlidersSnackbars & Toasts
  • Steppers

View MaterialX

16. E-commerce App UI Kit

Flutkit is a custom UI kit for those who want a fresh and unused design in their application. In it, you can find various components and elements as well as ready-made screens on shopping, hotel, and music themes. There are also basic onboarding screens and registration. You can also find popups and snack bars. There is a dark mode. So, a shortlist of functions:

  • Dismissible list
  • Expansions
  • Forms
  • Google map
  • Grid
  • Dark mode

View Flutkit

17. Grocery, Food, Pharmacy, Store Delivery Mobile App with Admin Panel.

Application delivery template with an admin panel for a manager. The application can be used for food delivery as well as for medical recommendations, products, and any other goods. All basic functions are integrated, payment by card, localization, order tracking, checkout and push notifications. Here is a shortlist of advantages:

  • Admin panel
  • E-Payment, credit card integration.
  • Cash on delivery and payment on pickup methods
  • Support RTL languages
  • Push notification
  • Tracking Orders

View grocery

18. Delivery Boy + Flutter For Multivendor Stores.

Multivendor application flutter theme for delivery and ordering food from different restaurants. From the same authors as the previous template, also comes with the admin panel. There is basic functionality for food delivery. Indicator of the availability of the driver and the refusal of the order. The main functions to which you should pay attention:

  • Order Accept/Reject functionality
  • Order Pickup from the restaurant functionality
  • Order Delivered with customer’s signature
  • Driver AvailabilityOrder list with details
  • Order History

View Multivendor

19. Next Hour — Movie Tv Show & Video Subscription Portal Cms Web and Mobile App.

A highly specialized template, but it does not lose its relevance. A portal with the function of subscription to a TV show or video. The template contains both flutter application and web version, it turns out that this is a portal. Channel subscriptions, your own custom player, and even an email newsletter are included in this template. In other words, the extensive web version and flutter are attached as an addition to the web. Here are some interesting fittings: Autoplay, Loop & Shuffle Admin Manage Subscription Choose Membership PlanStripe, Braintree, and Pay Stack Payment Gateway

View Next Hour

20. News Hour — Flutter News App with Admin Panel.

The last item in this best fresh best flutter app templates 2020 selection Flutter News App with Admin Panel. A standard news application with a ready-made backend and admin panel. Simple interface, standard functionality, as a state management system provider. With more than 40 screens, a .json demo file is available. Here are some of the features:

  • Data Statistics
  • Admin can upload, edit & delete contents
  • Demo preview feature for upload & delete contents
  • Admin can make & delete comments
  • State Management: Provider

View News Hour

Thank you for reading, buddy! I think it helps to launch your project! We love flutter ❤ Leave your feedback in the comments below!

GitHub article: https://github.com/PabloNAX/best-flutter-templates

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